Show your Mum how much you love her, with our 'Happy M(heart)M Day' heart pattern 22" bubble balloon. This balloon is great when purchased on its own or with our other Mother's Day balloons to make the ultimate bouquet.


Bubble balloons are made from clear stretchy plastic which makes them non-latex.


This balloon is purchased inflated and ready to collect from the shop.


This bubble balloon comes supplied with a tinsel bomb balloon weight to match the colours in the balloon.


Flotation Time: approx 7 days. 


Table or floor?

We can adjust the length of the ribbon, so your balloons can look great on tables or we can lengthen the ribbons of your balloons to stand on the floor, making them a great focal piece next to an entrance door or feature wall.


22" M(Heart)M Day Big Hearts Bubble Balloon from Something Party, Worcester.

M(Heart)M Day Big Hearts 22" Bubble Balloon

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